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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Thanks for visiting Opalescent Soul Garden Co. at The Artful Flea <3

We want to create a boutique shopping experience for you that is magical and stress-free. Because the space is so limited, we've decided to skip the shopkeeper to allow our customers privacy, and to make room for more plants!

We also understand that you may have some questions prior to making a purchase. This guide aims to ensure you have access to all of the information you need to get to find your perfect plant.

To contact us directly, please email us at or send us a direct message on Instagram to @opalescentsoulgardenco. We'll respond to you as soon as we can. If you have a more urgent question, you may ask the front desk to call our resident plant lady.


All of the plants in 6" pots and smaller are potted in our signature SOUL SOIL blend. We've done the task of repotting these plants into the appropriate sized planter with a high quality performance soil blend, so you do NOT need to repot these plants once they are in your care.

To learn more about our SOUL SOIL, click here.



What plants are recommended for beginners?
The answer to this question depends on a few variables: how bright is your space, and what are your plant keeping goals? Check out the chart by the door to learn more about plant lighting.

When choosing a plant, our mantra is "First pick a spot in your home, then pick a plant for that spot."

Beginner friendly plants are not limited to this list, but these are some diverse plant families that we always like to keep in stock.

Epipremnum (Pothos)
Scindapsus (Satin Pothos)


I just purchased a plant. When should I repot it?

When you purchase a plant from OSGC, we've already done that for you! All of our plants in 6" planters or smaller have been repotted in our custom SOUL SOIL blend. Click here to learn more. Larger plants and hanging baskets do not need to be repotted immediately because they are well-established. Contact us for info on your specific plant if you have questions.

When you purchase a plant from a big box store or other plant shop, we recommend you repot as soon as possible. These plants tend to be rootbound or grown in low-quality substrates.


How do I know when my plant needs water?

This depends on a few factors: the type of plant, the amount of light it gets, and your watering method.

Every plant will experience a unique level of light in your home. Since we do not know exactly how much light your plant is getting, it's difficult for us to prescribe a specific watering schedule for your plant.

We recommend you do research to see how often your plant needs to be watered. We prefer to recommend watering your plant when it is X% dry, rather than prescribing a recurring frequency.
We will be posting plant profiles in our blog over time to help cover this information.

The best way to tell when your plant is dried out is to feel the weight of your plant. This only works if you have your plant in a lightweight plastic planter. After watering day, pick up your plant and observe how heavy it feels. This is how you know your plant's soil is fully saturated. Every few days, pick up your plant and observe the change in weight of the plant's soil.

If you do not have your plant in a lightweight planter, you can check the moisture by sticking your finger in the soil or using a probe, such as a bamboo chopstick. You can assess the moisture of the soil based on how much soil/water your probe picks up.

Additionally, the way you water your plant affects the rate in which the soil dries out. Top watering versus bottom watering makes a grand difference. When you top water your plants, a good portion of the water you give your plant will drain out through the drainage holes before all of the soil can absorb it. When you bottom water your plants, you allow time for the soil to fully saturate. As a result, plants that are bottom watered need less frequent watering versus plants that are top watered.

This page is still under construction. Have a question we should feature in our FAQ's?

Contact us and let us know!

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